Cognitively Speaking Newsletter

In collaboration with Riverside Insights, I write a regular newsletter about issues that affect users of CogAT and questions that come in from parents and teachers. This archive of issues is intended to be an informal resource. Official communication about CogAT(TM) Form 7 or 8 will always come from Riverside.

Coming soon: Why and How to Use Local Norms

Excel file for easy local norms creation

Getting Value and Equity from Your Universal Screening Process

Introducing Form 8

CogAT® Form 7 2017 Normative Update


Using CogAT® Score Profiles to Differentiate Instruction


Universal Screening in Gifted and Talented Identification: Implementation and Overcoming Challenges

Program Diversity and the Alternative Verbal Scale of CogAT Form 7

The Essentials: Using Ability Tests in Gifted and Talented Identification Programs


Other Resources

In a webinar on 8/13/2020, I mentioned a chapter that introduced measurement error and confidence intervals for test interpretation. This is the draft chapter.

These videos are short introductions (under 5 minutes) to CogAT concepts. They are branded under HMH, so Riverside can't share them anymore, but I think they are useful and they will be available here until we can re-record them.

Getting to know CogAT

Getting to know CogAT Profiles

Getting to know CogAT for Differentiation

Getting to know CogAT for parents

Coming soon: Teacher's Guide to Differentiating Instruction with CogAT

Someday this updated guide will be available in DataManager. In the meantime, this  resource is unofficial. I worked with teams of regular classroom and GT teachers to revise and update this resource to be more user friendly.

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